Since 2011, I have been involved in cultural animation, organizing international festivals of organ and chamber music, of which I am the artistic director.
Together with the Łuków Cultural Center, we have been organizing the International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Łuków since 2011. Since the beginning of the festival, over 60 concerts have been held, during which over 250 artists from 16 countries performed. All information about the Festival can be found on the website: International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Łuków and on the website https://www.lok.lukow.pl/artykuly/112/aktualnosci-mieczyznowy-festiwal-muzyki-organow.
Since 2019, together with the Bialskie Cultural Center, I have also been organizing the Bialski Festival of Organ and Chamber Music. Concerts of classical music are held in several churches in Biała Podlaska in May and June each year. The fifth jubilee edition of the festival will take place next year. All information at: www.bck24.pl
Five editions of Organ and Chamber Concerts in Praga Południe in Warsaw are also behind us. It is a music festival that I organize with the help of Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe. So far, we have organized several concerts in several churches in this district. More about the festival: www.cpk.art.pl
Since 2021, as a member of the diocesan Commission for Church Music, I have been organizing the Church Music Festival of the Diocese of Siedlce. Sacred music concerts are held every month throughout the year in various towns throughout the diocese. Details can be found at: https://muzykadiecezjisiedleckiej.pl/index.php/festiwal-muzyki-koscielna/